I was expecting to see Arthurs pass covered in snow, instead it was dry with most ski fields hanging CLOSED signs warning potential customers of their troubles. 

This for me was the reminder and reinforcing act of why I do this. We don't just rely on nature for resources but for everything, in mending the world, for cleaning our air and water systems, for growing our food and keeping us alive. With global warming, global spending and lack of business and personal accountability we will not be able to sustain our current way of living. We all play a roll either major or minor, the first step with everything is knowing there is a problem, next we have to make a plan and act on it. 

While searching through the pass looking for large pine forests I came across a small stretch leading through to a valley floor, it was nearing dark at this time, I found a fallen tree which was a little smaller in size than previous trees. The rain had set in and the sun had been hidden behind the clouds all day. Given that the tree was smaller I tried to cut nearest the base that I could. The root system was strong and showed itself to be more difficult than I had anticipated. The next morning I awoke to find the rain even heavier than yesterday, I returned to my stump and continued on my mission. As I was clearing out the root system I felt a heavy presence, like I was being watched, this feeling stayed with me for a few minutes, it didn't leave me so I decided to stand up and have a look around. I could not believe my eyes, Five large and wild horses had neared me grazing through the pines. More inquisitive than anything else they closed in to get a closer look and smell. I continued my work with a certain amount of vigour and pace, I found a star picket nearby to use as leverage to help shift the stump upright, I finally managed to upturn the stump to get a clearer idea of what could be accomplished. Unfortunately it was too small and would not suit. 

I decided to quickly pack up what tools I had and make a speedy exit leaving the large beast to their terrain. 


I decided to spend the remainder of the day driving back to Christchurch and visiting local attractions and checking the coast line. 

Then I was on the plane back to Byron Bay. 

Thank you to Charley my partner for always supporting everything that I do and for the gift of travel.

Thank you for everyone who has supported and encouraged me so far on my journey, thank you for reading and taking interest in what I do.