35 06 38.6 N 139 59 44.1 E

IMG_9160 copy 2.JPG
IMG_9160 copy 2.JPG

35 06 38.6 N 139 59 44.1 E

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Looking more like a topographic map of the surrounding area, this unique shape was discovered in the Chiba prefecture of Japan's Eastern coast nearest Tokyo. 

It's shape is due to the steep mountainside where the large roots had to cling on to the side of the land. 

The sun was relentless, with zero shade due to land clearing the landscape resembled something out of a post apocalyptic time.

I absolutely love the shape, it feels ancient and primitive,  growth rings naturally tighten up near the perimeter of the tree pulling in finer details towards the outer layers of bark.

This was found June 2017 while travelling in Japan for one month. 

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Framed pressings will take 14 business days, if another time is necessary please get in touch via the contact form on the website. 

Wood cut print on Japanese Washi

109cm x 78cm

All prints are limited to 10, hand signed and numbered.

All are unique to themselves and cannot be recreated.

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