35 37 35.5 N 137 15 53.7 E


35 37 35.5 N 137 15 53.7 E

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Searching along a disused fire trail nestled above a green tea growing region 100 km's south of Takayama, I came across this beautiful tree. Situated three and a half metres above the trail, barely holding on to the edge of the mountainside I could not believe what I had found.

This species is my first Red Cedar, cutting through this aromatic variety instantly reminded me of a beautiful sweat lodge and Japanese bath house we visited in New Zealand.

The detail and obscure growth patterns resemble pulsing swell meeting to make these beautiful rhythmic patterns. 

I call this two worlds, it resembles the polarising culture Japan offers, this incredible nostalgic and thoughtful respect to tradition and craft, and the futuristic, technologically advanced society with little room in between. Both feeding each other, pushing back and forth. 

I found this very fitting looking back at the experiences we had in the beautifully chaotic yet peaceful time we spent in Japan.

This was found in May 2017 while travelling in Japan for one month.

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Wood cut print on Japanese Washi

109cm x 78cm

All prints are limited to 10, hand signed and numbered.

All are unique to themselves and cannot be recreated.

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