frequently asked questions

How many prints are available?

As a print maker, the tree stump is my work, I produce 10 prints per tree, they are made out in the field where they have lived and where I have found them.

10 prints are only taken from each tree, please check the website for availability of each print.

Can I have a print made smaller?

Unfortunately not, because each print is pulled directly from the tree I cannot make the size of the print smaller.

Do you make copies?

As a relief printer I only ever make 10 original prints, no copies can or will be made after that. All prints are original, signed and dated for authenticity.

Are these drawings?

Although they can look like a drawing, they are actually a ink pressing called a (relief print). A relief print is an image that is raised from a surface. The surface (Tree Stump) has contours from the growth season, only the raised contours receive ink during the print process which gives the ink to the paper when pressure is applied, leaving the growth ring pattern.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for all works, Australia wide.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes but because of weight and size allowances I prefer to send the print unframed and have the buyer organise framing in there local area. ( I am more than happy to liaise with your local framer to discuss finishing details.)

I want to have the work framed but I need it sooner than stated on your website. Can it be made sooner?

Depending on how soon you need it I can put through a special order but an additional 10% is added to the total.

Where do you find the trees?

I find the trees in their natural environment, while hiking or in the countryside. I do all the work out on site instead of taking a slab or cutting home to work on it. 

My belief regarding the work is to not disturb nature, to take a humble approach and to not disturb the ecosystem.

What do the numbers mean on the print?

The numbers are the geographical location of where the tree stands on this planet.

I wanted to give each tree its individual name, instead of using its latin name or species of tree, I felt that it deserved its own unique name something that no other tree can have, its own unique identity.

Is this a photograph?

No, with closer inspection of each print, you will notice the raised ink from the printing process, each one is slightly different and offer a unique experience.

Just like humans there are subtleties in their composition, these small subtleties create an organic, warm, honest tone to the work. 

Do you do commission work?

Please get in contact regarding the scope of work and see if it aligns with each others interests.

Can you come and print a tree on my property?

It depends on the tree and the location.

A part of my process is finding the tree naturally, also not every tree can be printed, depending on the size and species some just don't show the definition.

If the tree has significance to your life or has sentimental meaning please do get in touch and see what we can organise.