37 25 22.7 S 143 55 00.7 E


37 25 22.7 S 143 55 00.7 E

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Revisiting the forest where I made my first impressions of trees growth rings I was not surprised at how dramatically the landscape looked. a previous stump had eroded from water decay and ants nests. 

Learning in this environment full of majestic varieties of different softwoods and hardwoods alike has been so rewarding, understanding the differences in varieties and how to work with them.

This print is to pay homage to where I have come from and to where I am going. 

John Le Gerche was a forestry pioneer with european ingenuity, he practice an advanced belief and worked tirelessly to change forestry practices through direct action for a more sustainable balance between us and nature. 

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Wood cut print on Japanese Washi

109cm x 78cm

All prints are limited to 10, hand signed and numbered.

All are unique to themselves and cannot be recreated.

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