44 37 23.5 S 169 14 30.1 E


44 37 23.5 S 169 14 30.1 E

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Grayburn Culvert is north east of the Wanaka township, I came acroos this tree a number of years ago before I started to capture growth rings on a road trip in New Zealand.

While I was working on the tree, a man came by and told me the story of how this tree came down. During a wild weather storm this tree fell onto the road leading in to Wanaka. A local school teacher drove into the tree flipping his car and rolling into the gully, fortunately he walked away with minor injuries. He has taught many generations within the township and as a teacher plays an important role in the community.

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Wood cut print on Japanese Washi

109cm x 78cm

All prints are limited to 10, hand signed and numbered.

All are unique to themselves and cannot be recreated.

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