There are so many papers out there to use, be it water colour paper for its strength and weight, thinner, light weight papers for their finesse or one of the thousand different papers to choose from.

For me, it all dates back to the traditional use in japan for their block prints. Paper came to Japan around 600 A.D mainly used for literature and transcribing, later around 1600 A.D paper leapt its way into the use for print currency. In the 1800s Japans Paper was made world knowledge and received high acclaim at the worlds fair in Paris.

Without so much as a bat of our eye lid we use paper and think nothing of the craft and manufacture of this incredible product. 

Generations of Families still create these beautiful papers in a range of different finishes. 

I use the Hosho paper for its delicate yet strong fibres, for me to transfer the delicate detail from tree to paper, completing somewhat of a circle of life.


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